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Goya Hundred Pro RDM - Addicted - SURF - SKATE - SNOW - BIKE - CLIMB

Goya Hundred Pro RDM


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Goya Hundred Pro er en ekstrem mast som blir laget i Italia, de bruker T800 karbon som gjør masten blant de aller letteste på markedet men fremdeles super solide. Goya kjører progressive  fleks som gjør at de korteste mastene er noe softere i toppen en de lengre mastene.   Sjekk vekt!

RDM Reduced Diameter Mast

100% Carbon. Made in Italy. This all new all carbon mast is our pride and joy. We’ve put years of research into this mast, to deliver a product that surpasses our previous all carbon Flatwater mast in both performance and stability. The goal was to open the new product up to all disciplines. Where our previous mast was limited to Freestyle and Freeride, the new Hundred Pro feels equally at home in Wave and Race, and delivers insane dynamics. The reflex of this mast alone will transform your entire rig, both by the Direct Drive™ and Diagonal Flex™ technologies it incorporates, but also by it’s sheer difference in weight. This is our new lightest mast, and for many team riders it’s their new favorite.

Available in 340, 370, 400, 430 centimeters.

Comes in Diagonal Flex™ technology.
Peel Ply anti-slip boom area prevents sliding.
Built with same length sections for easy handling.


Maximize the performance of your Goya sail with the perfectly matched Goya Mast.

The Goya Windsurfing mast range concept is all about quick power delivery, dynamic flex feeling and excellent durability.

These are the defining features of the Goya Windsurfing mast range.

Direct Drive

Superior raw materials, carefully engineered fiber path layouts and a carefully controlled production process all work together to create industry leading quality and performance. Goya Windsurfing masts deliver instant energy and power to the board and rider while maintaining their dynamic feel throughout the wind range. Even when fully loaded, our masts continue to deliver power in an intuitive and manageable way.

Diagonal Flex

Flexibility also equals strength. Close consideration has been given to the durability demands placed on our masts. The masts need to be able to withstand impacts, sudden massive deflections and most importantly the torsional loads that they are subjected to on and under the water, and in the air. With Diagonal Flex technology, these demands are met and exceeded.


Surviving the rigors of transport and travel, getting rolled by powerful waves, and big whips caused dynamic maneuvers and crashes, each Goya Windsurfing mast is engineered to optimize the most important performance characteristics for its category.

The Hundred Pro RDM is our top of the line RDM mast product. Light weight is prioritized, making this mast perfect for freestyle and freeride applications, while great durability makes this mast the best choice for top performance wave sailing.

The Hundred Pro SDM mast is the go to choice for top race style performance in cambered and no cam freeride and freerace style sails. The perfectly tuned bend curves, light weight, and instant response flex of the Hundred Pro SDM will turbo charge your performance.

The Ninety Pro RDM mast features the thickest wall and most overall durability of the range. This is the mast for when the conditions are extreme, and you would rather not swim. Also, the Ninety Pro features interchangeable mast section lengths. This allows you to expand your sail quiver with only one new mast section. Don’t want to buy a whole new complete 430 to fit on your 5.5 Banzai? Just get a 430 bottom section, use it with a 400 top section and you’re good to go.

The Eightyfive Pro RDM mast is a robust wave mast that offers a lighter weight than the Ninety Pro. Also great for freestyle and freeride windsurfing, this mast is a fantastic choice for all around performance windsurfing.

The Seventy RDM is a perfect choice for all around performance offering a beautiful light weight, good all around performance and a high value price.

The Seventy SDM mast offers an excellent choice of performance, weight and value for the freeride and freerace market.

The Fifty RDM is a high quality entry level mast that will help get beginner to intermediate sailors on to the next level of windsurfing.

The Surf RDM trainer mast is designed for school and trainer use, and blends great durability with critical light weight that helps speed the learning process in windsurfing.

Bend Curve

No matter the carbon content of the Goya RDM mast, the bend curve is on spec, meaning that the bend curve of the Seventy is the same as the Eightyfive Pro, Ninety Pro and Hundred Pro. This means you can use any carbon content in your new sail with full confidence.

Goya Windsurfing masts feature a progressive flex bend curve. This concept means that the mast will support the performance demands according to the sail size and conditions it will be used in. More lift? More focus on controlling power? The Goya mast range bends are designed to deliver the performance you need from the tiniest sails to the largest.


All Goya Windsurfing masts are produced to our stringent specifications. These are not “off the shelf” masts with our labels stuck on them. Many hundreds of prototypes have been produced and tested over the years to create these mast products.

Peel Ply

All performance RDM masts feature textured boom attachment areas. This unique feature prevents boom-slip while sailing. A consistent and grippy boom attachment area allows you to attach the boom front without overtightening, which is much safer and more durable way to go. The textured area on the masts is also a great hand grip when rigging and de-rigging.

Mast Bag

The Hundred Pro (RDM and SDM), Ninety Pro, Eigthyfive Pro and Seventy (RDM and SDM) come in a beautiful tailored-to-length padded mast bag for keeping your mast quiver organized and protected.


Goya Windsurfing masts pair beautifully with virtually any sail out there. The masts help keep the power locked low and forwards and also enhance a smooth progressive twist for top end control- this is the Progressive Flex pattern of Goya masts and any sail will benefit from this concept.

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