Sacrificial Anodes Replacement Kit (KMS)

Salgspris149,00 kr


Any type of metallic component exposed to a humid environment is naturally subject to oxidation, particularly in saline and high-temperature environments.

This Sacrificial Anode set is designed to protect metal parts exposed to this aggressive environment and galvanic currents.

The anode is made of zinc, a less noble material than the other metal components (hardware, fuselage, inserts, etc ...) of the hydrofoil, so it will protect them naturally if they begin the oxidation process.

Periodically monitor the state of your anode and check that it is always in contact with the other metal parts. If the anode is dirty or has a small layer of oxide it is recommended to remove it, clean it and reassemble it.

Once the anode is almost completely worn or it is no longer possible to keep it in contact with other metal parts, it must be removed and replaced.

To be mounted on Fuselages and Masts of the Kraken Modular System range

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