Naish Aero footstrap & Hrdw single (foil) 2024

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COLOR: Light Blue/Dark Blue
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A new strap design that perfectly fits the needs of any foiler. No matter if wing, kite, surf, or SUP foiling, those straps are a simple, lightweight solution that is rigid enough to offer support while still being able to lay flat on the board when needed.

Feature 1: Multi-hole Adjustment Options Adjustment is possible by using the different screw-hole options that are integrated into the strap. Durable embossed outer layer This layer offers a higher density and a close-cell embossed surface that is not slippery when standing on it. Durable webbing center layer The wide webbing layer provides ample structural support. Softer, smooth EVA inner layer Provides the comfort and skin friendliness needed. Stainless steel hardware Each strap includes 2 washers and 2 Phillips headboard mounting screws.

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