Naish Glider HA Front Wing 2024

SIZE: 1400
COLOR: Light Blue/Dark Blue
Salgspris6.999,00 kr


The Glider HA is our newly designed pump foil that specializes in dock starts and low-effort, light wind downwinding. The large wingspan and high aspect ratio foils provide high lift and low stall speed, making it possible to effortlessly pump and glide for long distances. In order to accommodate this larger wingspan, a new "Hammer Head" fuselage front wing connection has been designed to provide a very stable connection, instant response, and reduces any flex. The Dual expansion foam core construction with UD and 3K carbon layup provides ultimate stiffness at low weight. Note: The Glider HA Front Wing is only compatible with the Glider HA Fuselage.

Wingspan (m):

Projected Area (m2):

Recommended Control System:

Feature 1: Large Wingspan Foil Provides high lift at low speeds and maximized glide.

Feature 2: Hammer Head Joint Connection to Fuselage Creates an ultra-stiff connection between the fuselage and the front wing, providing more lateral support that is needed to accommodate the wide wingspan.

Feature 3: 100% Prepreg 3K Carbon Outer Layer Satin Finish Durable and lightweight construction.

Feature 4: Dual Expansion Core Construction Molded lightweight layup utilizing UD and 3K carbon Laminate.

Feature 10:

Feature 11:

Feature 12:

slider 13:

Feature 14:

Length (CM):

Width (CM):

Weight (KG): 1.162


slider 12:

Feature 13:

Length (US):

Width (US):




Width (CM):

Thickness (US):

Thickness (CM):

Volume (L):

Weight (LB): 2.56


Track system lenght:

Ideal for riders up to:

Mast Length (in): NA

Mast Length (cm): NA

Fuselage Length (in): NA

Fuselage Length (cm): NA

Front Wing/ stab: Glider HA 1400

Front Wingspan (in): 45

Front Wingspan (cm): 115

Projected Surface Area (in2): 217

Projected Surface Area (cm2): 1400

Strut Length (m):

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