Naish Grom iSup 2024

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Ønsker du å introdusere vannsport med padling, wingsurfing eller windsurfing for dine barn, så er dette brettet du skal kjøpe. Dette brettet sørger for lettstart for alle 3 sporter. 

Fordelen med å kjøpe oppblåsbart sup brett er at det er mykt å falle på og ikke minst billig i innkjøp.  Med ny ISUP teknologi fra Naish er brettet blant de aller stiveste på markedet som sikrer stor glede i lang tid. 

Et spesielt anbefalt produkt av TAG. 

The Grom inflatable is based on the same proven overall design, outline, and features of the Crossover Inflatable scaled to an 8’0” for kids. The single fin in the back combined with the center fin provides exceptional lateral resistance when used with a sail, making this a great windsurfing board and wing-surf board. The mast insert is flush with the deck of the board, so there is no bulky plastic to get in the way when the sail is not attached. The Grom features a single-layer dropstitch construction, making it lightweight and easy to handle. Let your kids explore as far as their curiosity takes them with this stable and efficient 3-in-1 inflatable.


Wingspan (m):

Projected Area (m2):

Recommended Control System:

Feature 1: High-Pressure Rated Inflate to a higher pressure for unmatched stiffness and performance.

Feature 2: US Fin Boxes The US fin boxes allows the use of a stiffer fin as well as granting you the option for fin customization, for a smoother ride.

Feature 3: Added Deck Handles Strategically placed handles to improve transport to and from the water.

Feature 4: Double Layer Rails Built with a wide, double PVC layer on the rail providing increased durability, longevity, and stiffness allowing you to get the most out of every session.

Feature 5: Hydroslick Edge Reduce wasted energy and increase speed by creating a clean water release off the tail.

Feature 6: Fusion Dropstitch Creating a stiffer, more durable board providing performance and longevity to every session.

Feature 7: Windsurf Mast Insert Attach your windsurf sail for the perfect entry-level windsurf board.

Feature 8: Accessory Deck Mount Attach your GoPro or other devices to capture your entire adventure.

Feature 9: Board Bag Easily deflate and pack up your board into a small, backpack-sized bag.

Feature 10: Dual Flow Pump Quickly inflate the board with the dual flow pump, allowing for air flow on the way up and the way down.

slider 13:

Feature 14:

Length (CM): 243.8

Width (CM): 71.1

Weight (KG): 8


slider 12:

Feature 13:

Key Performance Characteristics:

Length (US): 8'0''

Width (US): 28



Fins: 2 x 10.0 US box fin

Width (CM):

Thickness (US): 6

Thickness (CM): 15.2

Volume (L): 180



Track system lenght:

Ideal for riders up to: 170 lbs/ 77kg

Board Mount:

Mast Length (in):

Mast Length (cm):

Fuselage Length (in):

Fuselage Length (cm):

Front Wing/ stab:

Front Wingspan (in):

Front Wingspan (cm):

Projected Surface Area (in2):

Projected Surface Area (cm2):



Strut Length (m):

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