Sabfoil Onda 945 Pro Finish | T8 Hydrofoil Front Wing

Salgspris6.499,00 kr



Surface: 1300 cm2

AR: 6,90

Wingspan: 945 mm

Volume: 1499 cm3

The Onda 945 front wing is a versatile product designed for surfers who want to tackle medium-power waves in low wind conditions. With its medium aspect ratio, flat profile, and relatively high surface area, the wing offers a balanced combination of maneuverability and lift, still providing a discrete speed. This allows surfers to carve, accelerate, and stay on top of the wave's crest with ease. The Onda 945 can be used in combination with a wing to take on the waves and then surf them, providing a dynamic and thrilling experience.

Whether you're an experienced surfer looking for a high-performance accessory or just starting, the Onda 945 front wing offers a versatile surfing experience that will elevate your skills and bring a lot of fun to your time in the water.

The WO945/PF is hand sanded to achieve a matte surface with 0-thickness graphics, the SAB Pro Finish, for an elegant Made in Italy product with maximum performance.

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