Sabfoil Blade 800 Pro Finish | T6 Hydrofoil Front Wing

Salgspris5.799,00 kr



Surface: 840 cm2

AR: 7,60

Wingspan: 800 mm

Volume: 565 cm3

The Blade 800 front wing is a versatile high-performance product designed for experienced riders who want to reach maximum speed in sports such as wing, surf, wind, and fast downwind. Its thin and fast profile, combined with a high aspect ratio, make it an ideal option whenever speeds are required. The angled dihedral shape provides stability and easy carving.

The Blade 800 is an excellent choice for experienced athletes seeking to maximize their performance on the water. Its versatile design and performance make it a must-have for all water sports enthusiasts looking to push their limits and take their skills to the next level.

The WB800/PF is hand sanded to achieve a matte surface with 0-thickness graphics, the SAB Pro Finish, for an elegant Made in Italy product with maximum performance.

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