GA-Foil 2024 CARBON GTX 97 Wing Foil *72 Set

Salgspris28.999,00 kr


he GTX Wing Foil Set sets a new standard in wingfoiling performance.

A newly developed Carbon layup on this 97cm mast with a slimmer profile leads to increased stiffness, lightness and less drag, which results in outstanding speed, control and responsiveness.

The 72cm CNC milled aluminum fuselage provides great agility for freestyle moves, foiling in waves as well as pumpfoiling, which can be maximized by adding the 62cm or 67cm fuselage.

Combine the GTX Wing Foil Set with one of our HP front wings to achieve a great mix of stability, controllability and performance or go for maximum performance potential with our higher aspect MP front wing series.

You can adjust the foil with a large assortment of tuning parts to achieve exactly the right setup for your demands and the conditions you’re foiling in.

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