Sabfoil Red Devil RDX/WING | Hydrofoil Racing Bundle

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M104RD/Ti - WRD704,WRD804,WRD874 - SRD339,SRD379 - F650RD/WING - CP02K/Ti

Bag, covers and Q02K included

The RDX/WING hydrofoil bundle is everything you need to be super competitive in the world of Wing Racing.

Each component has been designed, developed, and tested to have no compromise in performance. The combination of the R6 Red Devil race connections and the modularity of the Kraken Modular System ensures both excellent hydrodynamics and the versatility of always being able to choose the component best suited for racing conditions.

The three full carbon (coreless) front wings WRD704, WRD804, and WRD874 are designed to provide mind-blowing top speeds and excellent control, and together they allow to cover all typical racing speed ranges depending on wind conditions. The SRD339 and SRD379 stabilizers, also made entirely of carbon, feature a fast profile and their tall winglets provide excellent directionality. Made entirely of high-modulus carbon fiber, the M104RD/Ti mast offers unprecedented performance and strength. The absence of a core allows for maximum stiffness, ensuring that the mast can handle even the most extreme conditions. This, combined with a dedicated hydrodynamic profile for racing, makes it an excellent choice when the only thing that matters is maximum speed. The slim, lightweight F650RD/WING fuselage features an R6 connection to front wing, stabilizer, and mast, thus minimizing hydrodynamic drag and turbulence for a fast, smooth experience.

All Red Devil products come already hand-sanded by specialized Sabfoil operators. You'll immediately be ready for competition and top speeds without worrying about anything else!

***Parts made of high-modulus carbon are super-stiff and high-performance, but consequently also very fragile and susceptible to impact. FOR THIS REASON, THE RED DEVIL SERIES IS NOT SUITABLE FOR JUMPS AND FREESTYLE, AND ITS USE FOR THESE ACTIVITIES CAN BE DANGEROUS AND IS THEREFORE NOT PERMITTED.

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