Titanium Quick Release System

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Titanium Quick Release System for Kraken Masts

Kraken Modular System - PATENTED

Thanks to this upgrade you can leave your plate or tuttle connected to the board and mount the rest of the hydrofoil in a few seconds through a single conical screw, with a few turns of the key and without losing each time your setup on the board itself.

For the first use, you will have to assemble the Quick Release System on your Kraken Mast, then you can forget about it and enjoy its advantages, making the most of your time.

With this second version made of titanium, the Quick Release System module has been improved not only in materials, but also in design, to ensure maximum lightness, functionality, and resistance to corrosion and wear.

The Kraken Quick Release System has been patented by SABFOIL.

Q02K is only compatible with the following board connection systems: CP02K, CP02K/Ti, T04K

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