Naish Harness Windsurf Force

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hermoulded foam construction with neoprene liner.

The Force is our dedicated men's windsurfing harness, designed for peak practicality. The exterior consists of thermo-moulded foam, combined with a strong internal 3D-constructed PE core and a soft inner neoprene lining. Offering medium to high support with a focus on durability and comfort, the Force features an ergonomic lower back memory-foam pillow and securing waist belt. The harness comes equipped with our tried and tested reliable stainless steel spreader bar.

Stiffness: 4/5

Support 3/5

Helt ny trapes fra NAISH, der de har samarbeidet med søster bedriften Pro Limit til å lage industriens beste trapes. Der nye materialer er brukt for å lage en superstiv, komfortabel trapes som har en super passform. 


Thermowelded hardback out of pure material with neoprene liner.

The Assassin is our hardback kitesurfing harness, offering great stiffness and extreme durability. Embracing the future of product development; the Assassin is made from patented PURE  material; a force to be reckoned with. PURE  is a thermo-welded, recycled and environmentally conscious material that is exceptionally buoyant and shatter-proof. Featuring a comfortable neoprene inner, ergonomic lower back memory-foam pillow, securing waist belt and integrated webbing-buckle system, the Assassin is your ticket to the ultimate session.

The Assassin Harness comes ready equipped with our new Alpha Bar; a reinforced titanium electroplated bar mounted with our moulded slide-in bar pad system, preventing the spreader bar from riding upwards during use.

Stiffness: 4/5 

Support 5/5


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