Sabfoil Red Devil Vento 115 R8 | Hydrofoil Mast

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High Modulus Carbon

Conn. System: R8

Height: 1130 mm

The mast Vento 115 Red Devil is a high-performance accessory designed for racing, slalom, and more generally for any occasion where the only thing that matters is maximum speed. The increased chord makes it incredibly torsionally stiff and particularly suitable for windsurfing

Made entirely of full high-modulus carbon fiber, the Vento 115 Red Devil offers unparalleled performance and strength. The lack of a core allows for maximum stiffness, ensuring that the mast can handle even the most extreme conditions. The dedicated speed profile ensures excellent hydrodynamic performance.

The Vento 115 Red Devil mast comes out of the factory hand-sanded and ready to use, providing top-level performance right out of the box. In addition, it features titanium inserts for improved lightweight, durability, and resistance to wear and corrosion.

Thanks to the R8 connection, this amazing race mast can be used with all the Kraken Modular System series fuselages.

Parts made of high-modulus carbon are super stiff and high-performing, so they are also very fragile and susceptible to impacts. FOR THIS REASON, THE RED DEVIL SERIES IS NOT SUITABLE FOR JUMPS AND FREESTYLE, AND ITS USE FOR THESE KINDS OF ACTIVITIES CAN BE DANGEROUS AND SO NOT ALLOWED.

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