Sabfoil Razor Pro 675/76P | Hydrofoil Set

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M76P - WRP675 - S325/PF,S380/PF - F602P

Bag and Q02K included

The KRP675/76P is our most radical surf foil set, meant for those riders who want to feel at one with the ocean while surfing very steep waves, but who still like to enjoy a smoother ride in medium-height waves.

The Razor PRO 675 front wing is designed to maximize your performance in the waves and to be able to ride faster downwind while handling any acceleration. You'll experience lightning-fast response and tighter turns, while maintaining stability and drive even during the most radical tip breaches or the return from wave leap to base.

Piuma masts are the result of many hours of prototyping which will boost your performance to the highest possible level in any field of use. Designed to minimize drag while having the best ratio stiffness/torsion/weight in our line, the Piuma mast is a unique blend of unidirectional, plain, and multiaxial high-modulus carbon fiber of different weights combined with an extremely light core. In this set, you will find the M76P, our shortest and most radical surf mast.

Not only are the masts lighter, but so are the fuselages: the new Piuma line includes several extremely lightweight and stylish fuselage models designed to offer maximum performance and a feeling of freedom while surfing. Here we propose the F602P model.

This foil set is accompanied by a pair of stabilizers that will allow you to choose between engaging waves with the extreme maneuverability of the S325/PF, or carving in full control with the accentuated drive and greater surface area of the S380/PF.

***Parts made of high-modulus carbon are super stiff and high-performing, so they are also very fragile and susceptible to impacts. FOR THIS REASON, THE PIUMA SERIES IS NOT SUITABLE FOR HARD JUMPS AND FREESTYLE, AND ITS USE FOR THESE KINDS OF ACTIVITIES CAN BE DANGEROUS, AND SO NOT ALLOWED OR COVERED BY WARRANTY.

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