Sabfoil Razor 820-370/73 | Hydrofoil Set

Salgspris22.999,00 kr



M73K/PF - WR820/PF - S370/PF - F653K

Bag and Q02K included

This hydrofoil set is an excellent choice for downwind riding in medium wind.

The front wing (WR820/PF) features a high aspect ratio and dedicated profile for exceptional gliding efficiency. It is also very easy to pump for transitioning from wave to wave. The speed range is broad and allows for early take-off. The mast (M73K/PF) has a balanced profile, providing a smooth and fast ride without sacrificing stiffness. The flat stabilizer (S370/PF) gives excellent maneuverability.

Bag and Titanium Quick Release System (Q02K) included

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