Sabfoil Razor 680-325/73 | Hydrofoil Set

Salgspris22.499,00 kr



M73K/PF - WR680/PF - S325/PF - F603K

Bag and Q02K included

This hydrofoil set is an excellent choice for downwind riding in medium-strong wind conditions.

The front wing (WR680/PF) features a high aspect ratio and dedicated profile for exceptional gliding efficiency. It is also easy to pump to transition from wave to wave. The broad speed range allows for early take-off, ensuring a lot of fun for riders of all levels. The mast (M73K/PF) has a balanced profile, providing a smooth and fast ride without sacrificing stiffness. The flat stabilizer (S325/PF) gives excellent maneuverability.

Bag and Titanium Quick Release System (Q02K) included

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