Sabfoil Genesi 120L Freeride Foilboard | Hydrofoil Board

Salgspris17.499,00 kr



Volume: 120 L

Length: 5'5''

Width: 29,02''

Thickness: 4,63''

Are you a newcomer to wing foiling? No problem, we have the board for you!

The focus for the Genesi boards is easiness: plenty of volume and generous dimensions will get you in the sport immediately. The stability those boards provide will let you forget about them, allowing you to concentrate on the foil and wing.

Rails, rocker line, volume distribution: everything is designed to help you in the first steps and show everyone how accessible Wing Foil is. Then, once you’ve learned the basics, these boards will let you progress fast, with a stress-less restarting procedure after each fall.

This confidence is priceless!

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