Naish Glider HA Fuselage 2024

SIZE: 64
COLOR: Light Blue/Dark Blue
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Introducing our new Glider HA fuselage that accommodates the needs of our new Glider HA foils and gets delivered as part of the semi-complete Glide HA foil sets. While being available as an accessory part, they are currently not compatible with our other front foils. The fuselage uses a 5-screw Hammer Head Joint Connection to the front foil connection that provides maximum support for the higher wingspan of the new Glide HA foils. The stabilizer connection matches our current system and allows for 2 stabilizer positions due to the 3 hole setup. Note: The Glider HA Fuselage is only compatible with the Glider HA Front Wing.

Feature 1: Hammer Head Joint Connection to Front Foil

Feature 2: CNC construction High-precision CNC from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum.

Feature 3: Custom Hardware Stainless steel M8 screws (mast connection) use the T30 Torx driver as the M6 screws that connect the foil wings.

Feature 4: Enlarged Exterior Geometry At the mast connection mitigates the increased torsional and bending loads from high aspect wings.

Feature 5: Corrosion Resistant Hardware All threaded connections have stainless steel helicoil liners to minimize corrosion.

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