Naish Touring 2024

SIZE: 11'0"X29
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Fast and easy to paddle, our Touring boards are built for adventure. The Touring’s optimized rocker provides maximum glide with every stroke, conserving energy, allowing paddlers to adventure further. With a slightly recessed deck and flat bottom section, the board is stable in smooth and choppy conditions. We have added 2 cargo nets to carry more gear on longer tours, a rail carry system, allowing you to carry the board hands free on longer distances, and a bottom channel. With a large sweet spot, the Touring is a great option for paddlers of all abilities. Wherever your next adventure takes you, be sure to grab your Touring and explore further.

Wingspan (m):

Projected Area (m2):

Recommended Control System:

Feature 1: Weedfin 9.5 The weedfin allows for directional stability and ease of riding through seaweed if encountered.

Feature 2: Ledge Handle Provides easy handling and effortless carrying to and from the water.

Feature 3: Grooved & Embossed EVA Pad The grooved and embossed EVA pad is lightweight, ensuring a strong grip and better durability over time.

Feature 4: 2 Cargo Nets Easily carry any gear you may need on long tours and adventures. One net is ahead of the main stance position and the other placed strategically towards the tail to maintain a well-balanced board.

Feature 5: Rail Carry System with Shoulder Strap Easily carry your board to and from the water for a smooth start to any session.

Feature 6: Tail Channels Provides directional stability allowing the rider to paddle on one side longer without the board turning on longer tours.

slider 13:

Feature 14:

Length (CM): 335,3

Width (CM): 73,7

Weight (KG): 0


slider 12:

Feature 13:

Key Performance Characteristics:

Length (US): 11'0"

Width (US): 29"



Fins: 9"weedfin

Width (CM):

Thickness (US): 6 1/4"

Thickness (CM): 15,9

Volume (L): 242

Weight (LB): 0



Track system lenght:

Ideal for riders up to: 220 lbs/ 100 kg

Board Mount:

Mast Length (in):

Mast Length (cm):

Fuselage Length (in):

Fuselage Length (cm):

Front Wing/ stab:

Front Wingspan (in):

Front Wingspan (cm):

Projected Surface Area (in2):

Projected Surface Area (cm2):



Strut Length (m):

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