Naish Matador LT 2.0 2024

SIZE: 3.0
COLOR: Yellow
Salgspris8.699,00 kr


Introducing the latest version to the Matador lineup - the Matador LT 2.0. Boasting a handle conversion system, this wing-surfer comes equipped with both hard handles (mounted) and soft handles that can be easily interchanged to suit the rider's preference. The scalloped-out handle area allows for ample hand space around the strut for the use of both options. Adapt the wing to your personal riding style. Choose the hard handles for a more direct rigid feel, or apply the included soft handles for ultimate riding freedom. These new features deliver exceptional performance, and smooth power delivery, in a modular wing that is perfect for riders of all skill levels. So, whether you're a novice or a pro, the Matador LT 2.0 is the ultimate multi-use tool for an incredible wing-foiling experience. Upgrade your experience today and take control of the elements with the Matador LT 2.0. 


Wingspan (m): 2537

Projected Area (m2):

Recommended Control System:

Feature 1: Handle Conversion System The wing comes with hard handles and a set of soft handles that can quickly be changed.

Feature 2: Scalloped-out Handle Area Allows for more hand space around the handle area on the leading edge

Feature 3: Enhanced Low-End Power Ample get-going power makes it possible to choose the smallest wing size possible.

Feature 4: Even More Balance Between Front and Back Hand Pressure The new ergonomic strut shape increases handling comfort.

Feature 5: Rubber Inlay Grip-Stripes on Handles (on conversion set) Minimizes effort to hold the handle.

Feature 6: Added Strut Dump Valve Allows for fast deflation.

Feature 7: Windowless Canopy (Warning: limited visibility)

Feature 8: Leading Edge Anti-Abrasion Patches Provides abrasion resistance & durability.

Feature 9: Wrist Leash Included A coiled leash is included.

Feature 10: Bladder Lock Secures bladder ends & prevents slippage.

Feature 11:

Feature 12:

slider 13:

Feature 14:

Length (CM):

Width (CM):

Weight (KG): 1.95


slider 12:

Feature 13:

Key Performance Characteristics: 1. Handle Conversion System: Easily switch between hard handles (pre-mounted) and soft handles to match your riding style and preference. 2. Balanced Ergonomics: Scalloped-out handle area for more hand space, balancing front and back hand pressure due to the new strut shape. 3. Enhanced low-end power Provides smooth power delivery and ample “get-going” power, making it possible to choose the smallest wing for the conditions.

Length (US):

Width (US):




Width (CM):

Thickness (US):

Thickness (CM):

Volume (L):

Weight (LB): 4.29


Track system lenght:

Ideal for riders up to:

Board Mount:

Mast Length (in):

Mast Length (cm):

Fuselage Length (in):

Fuselage Length (cm):

Front Wing/ stab:

Front Wingspan (in):

Front Wingspan (cm):

Projected Surface Area (in2):

Projected Surface Area (cm2):



Strut Length (m): 1513

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