Unifiber Blackline Roofrack Board-Quiver Bag

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Størrelse: 240 x 60
Salgspris2.399,00 kr Ordinær pris2.999,00 kr


En praktisk bag for alt seilutstyr, og som kan brukes både til bilen og på flytur. 

An ideal one-bag solution for all car and air travel needs.

Smart tie-down points at the base save unnecessary compression of your precious sails and kit from above and allow safe access to gear from the rooftop on windy days. An aerodynamic profile, quality zippers and tough-wearing fabric deliver a compact, long-lasting package for years of satisfaction on the road. (Underside compatible with trolley systems.)

Available in 240 x 60 / 250 x 70 / 260 x 80 sizes.

Blackline Roofrack Board-Quiver Bag is compatible with a

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