Solite 1 mm Split-Toe Heat Booster Sokker

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Størrelse: M (40,5-42)
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Designed to wear inside any style boot, our new 1mm Split-Toe Neoprene Heat Booster Socks boost warmth by 5-10 degrees F. Bottom line: longer sessions in frigid water, where you can focus on performing, rather than freezing. Tested by our top cold-water pros in slush-waves and water temps down in the low 30s, the 1mm Neoprene Heat Boosters utilize plush, quick-dry lining for maximum warmth and comfort. Seams are purposely offset away from the split toe for maximum comfort and low-profile inside the boots.

But wait, there's more! The low-friction surface means your boots can be taken off/put on very easily. Since the Heat Boosters are independent of your boots, they can be rinsed/dried very quickly to insure warm, dry feet for multi-session days.

1mm Neoprene Heat Booster Socks can be used inside any brand boots, round toe or split toe. Keep in mind the 1mm thickness takes up a little more space inside your boots (and more space than our regular knit Heat Booster Socks), so if you are buying new boots, make sure there is a little room inside the boots to accommodate the 1mm socks.

The 1mm Neoprene Heat Booster Socks are available in 4 sizes:

Small: 38-39 (US Men 6-7.5/US Women 7-9)

Medium: 40.5-42 (US Men 8-9.5/US Women 9.5-11)

Large: 43-44,5 (US Men 10-11.5/US Women 11.5-13)

XL: 46-47 (US Men 12-13+/US Women 13.5+)

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