Slingshot Tracker 7' Airtech Package W/ Sup Winder V1

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The Tracker 7' Airtech Package w/ sUP WINDer is the board everyone wants to use. From your first sessions with a wing or a windsurf sail, to hiking into remote locations for a gorgeous paddle, or simply as a kid's swim platform, the Tracker is everyone's favorite toy.

Package Includes:
Tracker 7' Inflatable Board, Paddle, Rear Fin, sUP WINDer Keel Fin, Pump with adapters for both SUP and wing inflation, Patch Kit, Carry Backpack.

Staying upwind is of utmost importance when learning to wing and windsurf. The Tracker inflatable board has a unique fin configuration that includes the sUP WINDer center keel fin. This combo keeps the board on track, making it easier to stay upwind for beginners. Its lightweight nature and compact size will progress new wingers to easily riding upwind and gaining the confidence level of being completely self-sufficient. The center carry handle and backpack lets you transport the Tracker, pump, and everything else conveniently, anywhere. There are even tail and nose D-rings so that you can keep the board close at hand by attaching a leash or tow rope.

We wanted both a smaller and lighter weight inflatable SUP for hiking into beautiful paddle locations, and a perfect entry-level wing and windsurf board that would allow the whole family to progress and stay upwind.


  • Perfect for teaching the basics of wing and windsurf
  • Lightweight and easy to carry upwind with one hand, leaving your other hand free to carry your wing
  • Great upwind performance using the sUP WINDer keel fin
  • The backpack fits board, paddle, and pump for hiking into gorgeous paddle locations


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