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Levithan 73 -950 kit er et fantastisk kit som passer de som elsker å surfe på bølgene enten det er surf, wingfoil eller SUP-foil.  Med 73 PLK  mast som er super stiv, slik vært pumpetak blir så effektivt som mulig. Bygg dette kittet ut med Leviathan 1350 eller 1550  og 1750 for pumpe lengst av alle.  

Range Leviathan
Recommended for Dock-Start - Downwind - Freeride - Pumping

The Leviathan 73950 hydrofoil kit is an excellent and versatile choice for those who want to practice wingfoil and downwind in medium winds and moderate waves.


The front wing (WL950) has a medium-high AR, which results in good glide ability and efficiency, and the dedicated profile ensures easy starts while still maintaining good top speed. The super-rigid mast (M73PLK ) reduces bending and twisting to ensure maximum stability and control even during pumping sessions. The gull-wing stabilizer (S380) provides excellent control and allows easy pumping.


Whether you are an experienced or novice rider, the Leviathan 73950 kit is a reliable and versatile solution.


Bag and Quick Release System (Q01K) included


 This kit, developed in collaboration with pro-rider Balz Muller, is ideal for Wing-Foil, and in particular for Freestyle and Freeride.

Thanks to the Kraken Modular System connection system, maximum compatibility with all components of the same SABFOIL range is guaranteed, so that you can change your setup at any time, without any problems.

The kit consists of:

  • Mast: M93K - 930 mm

  • Front Wing: W899 - 1383 cm2

  • Stabilizer: S425 - 266 cm2

  • Fuselage: F903K - 903 mm

  • Tuttle: T03K

It is possible to upgrade your kit thanks to the Quick Release System (Q01K) patented by SABFOIL and sold separately. Thanks to it you can assemble and disassemble your hydrofoil in a few seconds, avoiding at the same time losing the configuration on the board.

Click here for more information about Kraken Modular System

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