Sabfoil - FRONT WING 950 - 1350 CM2

Spar 33%

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950 er en brukervennlig vinge som passer ypperlig til wingfoil, Windfoil og surf.  Denne vingen er mer Freeride orientert en  799-899-999 serien. Perfekt for den typiske freerider.  Anbefaller også som nybegynner vinge for lettere personer til Wingfoil. En ypperlig størstevinge for Windfoil. 

Carbon Front Wing

T8 Connection

Recommended for Freeride


Disegno misure W950
Front Wing - Span 950 mm
Front Wing - Surface 1350 cm2
Front Wing - Root Chord 185 mm
Front Wing - Aspect Ratio 6,7
Front Wing - Maximum Thickness 17 mm
Front Wing - Weight [±5%] 973 g
Fuselage Connection Type T8
DisciplinesWind - Wing
Front Wing Connection TypeT8
Recommended forBeginners - Freeride

Great pumpability, surprising agility, great glide efficiency: all these features make the W950 a great light/medium freestyle wing for winging... and it's FAST!

The little sister of the W1100 keeps a great pumpability with an improved maneuverability. It accelerates faster than the W1100 and reaches a higher top-end speed. The W950 is a must for light to medium wind freestyle and for long runs at high speed.

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