Ride Engine - Aire 4mm

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Ride Engine Aire Round Toe Våtsko i 4 mm neoprene er super komfortable helårssko for nordiske farvann. Spesielt godt egnet fra vår til sen høst.


The Aire 4mm is a serious, seam-sealed cold water bootie that will keep your feet warm and happy without compromising mobility or performance. 

  • 4mm thickness is warm enough for most people in most cold-water conditions.
  • Limestone neoprene is soft and flexible, doesn’t squeeze or restrict movement.
  • Grip strips help lock wetsuit in place, tapered top keeps water from flushing through.
  • Internal split toe prevents lateral sliding/slipping inside bootie.
  • Rugged sole and lower trim provides grip on board and durability for walking.



      Internal Split Toe


      Helps lock foot in place inside bootie, prevents side-to-side slipping and twisting.



      Molded Sole


      Comfortable and durable, thick rubber sole provides grip and protection.





      Secures your foot in place and prevent slippage.



      Water Tight Cuff


      Designed to prevent water from entering your bootie as it flushes through the legs of your wetsuit.

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