Reedin SuperNatural (2021)

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Etter den store successen med SuperModel i fjor, lanserer Reedin nå en ny modell som retter seg mot foiling og lettvindskiting. Kevin Langeree og Damien Girardin lover at du med SuperNatural vil bli kjent med en helt ny verden innen kiting: SuperNatural er for foiling og lettvindskiting hva SuperModel er for Freeridekiting.

SuperNatural retter seg mot kitere som ønsker å pushe kitingen helt til de mest marginale forholdene samtidig som de kan være trygge på at de fortsatt har den beste kiten på vannet når vinden øker. Kiten forventes å bli en favoritt blant kitefoilere,.

Dette er hva Reedin selv sier er unikt for SuperNatural

We applied similar design and target as the SuperModel in order to be the most versatile kite possible but centered on underpowered riding, being riding a foil, riding waves, or a Twintip with the smallest kite.

Everything in the SuperNatural has one purpose: getting you out in less

The Leading Edge has been designed with a smaller amount of segments in order to save precious weight, less stitches means less weight.

The kite has only one strut with an infill soft panel for the smallest strut possible and to allow the profile to luff and slightly expand when needed. This provides the very best low end power achievable with a kite.

When the wind picks up, thanks to our profile and Wing tip design that naturally creates tension in the canopy the kite will handle the strong like no other one strut kite and you’ll be surprised to find your self send high lofty jumps and ride waves like you’d be on a regular kite.

Finally, the SuperNatural is very likely the easiest kite on market to relaunch in the least amount of wind. This combined with it’s amazing ability to fly and be very stable


Unique features that makes the difference

Single strut frame, having only one strut greatly reduces the overall weight of the kite to let it fly and relaunch in virtually no wind, giving the kite a unique light feel.

The Leading seam is speciffically positioned to add stiffness to the kite’s arc in the center while also adding vertical tension in the Wing tip. This new design allowed us to reduce the Leading Edge diameter even further for a kite that flies now, faster, reacts quicker to bar input and points further upwind.

Bridles are using pure dyneema lines weaved at low angle de and prestretched to the highest standard for virtually no stretch over time: this translates into a kite that reacts quicker to bar input and that will keep its characteristics over time.

Manufacturing quality has been a huge part of the process to develop the Reedin kites, in order to ensure the best quality possible, a lot of pieces on the kite are stitched using CNC sewing machine.

The high density of Yarn per square meter makes this canopy one of the stiffest and strongest on the market for the most reactive and best performing kite.Giving you extremely precise, fast, yet intuitive turning

Less panels means less stitches, less reinforcements and in the end less weight.

Our Leading Edge closure seam has been developed with our exclusive super strength thread to make a virtually un-breakable Leading edge. The kite can be pumped past 10 psi with confidence in order for you to ride the exact design that was designed thanks to minimal deformation in the air. Note that inflation pressure is also a personal preference and we recommend lighter riders and people riding in underpowered conditions to inflate their kite a little less in order to get
the best turning speed out of their kite.

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