Patrik P-Style Finner Wave

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Størrelse: 22
Standard: Power Box
Salgspris839,00 kr Ordinær pris1.399,00 kr


Wave finne fra Patrik


-wave: multi pourpose wave fin, which comes as standard for our very adaptable all-around Qt-wave boards. This fin has a trailing edge quite straight and planes and turns creating very narrow turning radius. For this reason, this fin is also perfect for on-shore or gusted wind conditions, to run away quickly from the shore break.

Furthermore, if you like the “slashed” style to create very high sprays, we assure you will really enjoy our P-waves!

The small sizes can be also matched with the P-style fins for thruster configuration on on-shore wave or freestyle-wave boards, in order to have more traction to caress waves surface keeping your board fast. This is, actually, the exact standard configuration you will find on our fast F-wave boards.

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