NeilPryde Masteforlenger RDM (Europin, UXT EVO 36)

Størrelse: 36
Salgspris1.200,00 kr


Dette skriver Neilpryde om Neilpryde UXT RDM Forlenger

Universal pin extension system (UXT) is designed with solid Aluminum tubes. Clamshell Adjustment System allows for easy and user friendly operation in all temperatures.
Combined with double pulleys for friction-free, high tension downhauling.
Mounted with Marlow rope.


  • Stainless steel button and mechanism
  • Double stainless steel pylleys for less friction and great durability
  • Solid aluminium tubes
  • UXT Clamshell ajustment system
    • Easy, user friendly operation in all temperatures.
    • Heavy duty stainless steel construction - designed to sustain high loads.
    • Positive engagement - completely unaffected by sand.
    • Increased tube strength due to the absence of any grooves.
  • Marlow rope
    • High quality pre-stretched marlow rope.

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