Naish Triad S27 (2023)

Størrelse: 9
Salgspris14.999,00 kr


Naish Triad S27 er den optimale freeridekiten for deg som vil ha en allround kite som er enkel og trygg å anvende. Triad er presis og den gjør hva du ønsker av en freeride kite, stabil og direkte styring. Lett å ta vannstart og jevnt og forutsigbart trykk. Med Triad er kiting enkelt! For S27 har de største kitene noe mer trykk.

Alle kitene er bygget opp med nye og lettere materialer for 2023 og er vesentlig lettere enn tidligere modeller, noe som gjør at den flyr tidligere og er enda bedre å ta vannstart med. 

The Naish Triad 2023 is the all-rounder in the Naish series. The Triad is specially designed to be easy to use and super reliable. Built to meet the needs of every rider, the Triad is one of the most accessible kites on the market!

  • Allround | freeride
  • Beginning to Advanced Level
  • Quad Tex Ripstop Cloth
  • New thermoformed bumpers
  • Easy relaunch

    Naish Triad 2023 Kite

    High-End allround / Freeride kite from Naish

    The Naish Triad 2023 is the ultimate all-round machine from Naish. The Triad is a predictable, forgiving kite with an eye to meet the needs of every rider! Because the Naish Triad rides upwind without any effort and is easily relaunched, the kite is perfect if you are looking for your first kite. The advanced kite surfer will also experience endless fun with the Triad thanks to its renewed strut design. The Naish Triad has a 3 strut design, with the middle strut similar to that of the Naish Boxer. Thanks to this so-called Luff Strut, the frame is adjustable for better low-end power. With the Triad you can easily keep a lot of power without sacrificing performance, so you can really push your level to the max!

    The fabric used on the Naish Triad 2023 is the extremely durable Quad Tex Ripstop, which creates a super strong and stiff canopy. Quad-Tex withstands the most rugged conditions and retains its high-quality properties in the long term, so you can enjoy the new Naish Triad 2023 for years to come! If you want to make progress, crashing your kite is almost inevitable. The new Thermoformed Bumpers that are attached to the crucial places of the kite protect the seams against the most terrifying crashes. The seams at the front of the leading edge are extra protected by Aramid Patches mentioned by Naish. The molded strut ends provide extra reinforcement to protect the struts from natural wear.

    The rounded wing tip of the Naish Triad combined with the Anti-Sticction Window that ensures that the water can run directly off the kite allows the kite to be restarted easily. You pump up the Naish Triad 2023 kite in no time with the one-pump valve, so that you can get on the water as quickly as possible, because you don't want to miss a second of your session!

    The Naish Triad 2023 is perfect for anyone who wants to buy a first kite, or just want a versatile kite for endless fun on the water!


  • All-round | freeride
  • Beginners and advanced
  • User-friendly
  • Fast relaunch
  • Light bar pressure
  • Great depower range




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