Naish Triad S26 (2022)

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Naish Triad S26 er den optimale freeridekiten for deg som vil ha en allround kite som er enkel og trygg å anvende. Triad er presis og den gjør hva du ønsker av en freeride kite, stabil og direkte styring. Lett å ta vannstart og jevnt og forutsigbart trykk. Med Triad er kiting enkelt! For S26 har de største kitene noe mer trykk. Alle kitene er bygget opp med nye og lettere materialer for 2022 og er vesentlig lettere enn tidligere modeller, noe som gjør at den flyr tidligere og er enda bedre å ta vannstart med. 

The Naish Traid has been developed by Naish to be the ideal kite for almost all kite surfers on the planet. And that they succeeded, the Naish Triad has certainly proven in recent years! Whether you are a beginner looking for a reliable kite that goes upwind easily and has a quick relaunch, or if you are an advanced kite surfer looking for a kite that jumps easily: the Naish Traid 2020 S26 is your ideal kite!

After the success of the first versions of the Naish Traid, Naish has given the kite a number of upgrades to make the Naish Traid S26 2022 even better! To start with, the panel layout of the Naish Triad has been improved. The 2022 Triad has a significantly fewer number of panels compared to the previous versions, in addition, the number of seams has also been reduced. This has the positive effect that the 2022 Traid is stronger and lighter in weight than ever before! The trailing edge of the Naish Traid has been improved for the S26 version. The new trailing edge is no longer made of heavy dacron. The heavy dacron has been replaced by a lighter material. The diagonal seam which was introduced in the 2021 Triad has been retained in 2022. The seam ensures that the canopy remains tight when you give input to your bar for direct steering behavior.

All these upgrades ensure that the Naish Traid 2022 is by far the best Triad that Naish has made so far. This is especially noticeable in the somewhat larger sizes. This is where the weight saving has the most effect and you immediately feel that the Naish Traid S26 2022 kite steers faster and more responsively. It's just a matter of steering in the kite, pulling the bar and off you go: the Triad 2022 is one of the easiest kites to kite with. If you accidentally send the Naish Triad S26 into the water, no need to panic. The rounded wingtip of the Naish Triad 2022 ensures that the kite can be restarted easily. The three strut design ensures that the canopy has a good shape for an easy relaunch. In addition, the three struts do not add a huge amount of weight, so the Triad 2022 has a good low-end.

Over the years, Naish has proven that they build kites of the highest quality, and this can also be seen in the Naish Triad S26 2022 kite. The canopy of which the Triad 2022 is made is the strongest and stiffest kitesurfing canopy on the market: Quad-Tex Ripstop. The super strong yarn that keeps the seams on the leading edge together are also the strongest on the market. Reinforcements have been made on the leading edge and around the struts to give the Triad 2022 a long life, which is handy if you want to make a lot of progression. You pump the Naish Traid S26 2022 kite with a super fast one-pump valve so that you can get on the water as quickly as possible, because of course you don't want to miss a second of your session!

  • Allround | Freeride
  • Beginner to advanced
  • Three struts
  • Super strong Quad Tex fabric
  • Renewed trailing edge
  • New panel layout
  • Lighter in weight
  • Fast relaunch
  • Easy upwind
  • One-pump system

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