SabFoil (Moses) Kit 91 -633 Carbon Kite Wave

Spar 2.901,00 kr

Salgspris12.499,00 kr Ordinær pris15.400,00 kr


En foil som er designet for et stort bruksområde, er en utmerket foil å starte med, bra freeride foil, perfekt for å leke i små bølger og et utmerket verktøy for å utvikle deg med innen for kitefoil. 

 The K91-633. More than 2000 riders have bought this combination, the reason is simple: it is the most fun foil in the market. Capable of transforming every area of water from the size of a swimming pool into a real foil playground. Low aspect 3.3 AR, moderate inverted gull wing, concave bottom design.This full carbon wing will take your foiling experience to the next level. The 633 combined with the 483 stabilizer permits you to foil from walk speed up to 25 knots. The 633/483 combo is the choice for all those riders aiming to learn new manoeuvres, surf small waves and progress their abilities.This wing will permit you to enter the water and foil with 1 or 2 sizes smaller kite.

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