Goya Surf Trainer 1 to 3 Batten

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Goya Surf Trainer 1 to 3 Batten er nybegynnerseilet for deg som...

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The Surf is a super light handling and soft feeling beginner sail for newbie windsurfers and schools.

Vinyl and Dacron create a very durable trainer sail that can be left rigged for extended periods. Its bright red color is easy to spot from the shore or across the water.

Goya Surf Trainer 1 to 3 Batten

Soft, playful, easy and incredibly durable, the Surf is the perfect beginner sail, or an excellent sail for just cruising on a big board in light wind.

We constantly keep improving and developing the Surf to cater directly to centers’ and customers’ needs.



Vinyl Window. Vilyl delivers a flexible feel to the sail as a whole, and the window, with a little maintenance, will stay clear for the life of the sail.

Dacron body panels. Dacron is wonderfully supple and long lasting. It can take a dozen days of being washed up in the shoreline and then some. The ideal choice for a beginner sail.

Goya Surf Trainer 1 to 3 Batten Construction

Features. Titanium Clew Ring, a light and durable sleeve and tack fairing round off the quality package. Increased durability with sleeve cut edge treatments to prevent fraying of the sleeve edge over time. Tack and foot reinforcements edges now folded to prevent edge fraying over time and use.



Goya Surf Trainer 1 to 3 Batten

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