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Goya Nitro Pro  22/23

Goya Nitro Pro 22/23


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Compact Thruster 

A super short fun board for mushy waves. Or in other words, you will never again wait for conditions to get better.

You have seen these compact boards being tested by our team for a couple of years now, with the back strap almost off the tail and carrying Marcilio to the finals in Sylt in less than ideal conditions. Welcome to the launch of the all-new Nitro 3 Pro.

Two Years of development led to all new shapes and a
revolutionary compact design with World Cup performance.

FG: Why did you take this long to bring your On-shore/Sylt boards to the market?
MB: I didn’t want other competitors to have it, hahah (joking). No, seriously, this was a completely new thing, a complete undertaking and by far the boards that we made the most amount of prototypes over the last few years. Early on, we had boards that were very fast on the top end, but they were still hard to ride, especially on the front side, and I really wanted them to do it all, with an incredible low-end that would get me out and upwind no matter what. So once we got the first part, which was the mobility and speed, they were missing that wavy feel, so at that stage, I started taking them to Ho’okipa on the smaller days. This is what took the most time.

FG: What was your goal for this new line?
MB: I wanted something that will make terrible conditions fun to ride. A board that would maximise what I can do on a 12-minute heat with small waves and light winds. So the goal was to have a board that would not only be fast in a straight line but also be quick to get going in the middle of a beach break full of current, keep the speed while bottom turning on the less powered surf and still being able to flow and get some good turns on. And for free sailing, a board that will keep motivating me to stay out there even in less than average conditions.

FG: When did you realise that your job was done?
MB: The latest Nitros have the best low-end and top speed than any other board I have ever tried, and I loved them on the waves. Especially mid-summer on Maui, some days the conditions were just terrible. They didn’t motivate anybody to go sailing, except me, I was fully excited to go out. I stayed out for hours, barely planning on my 5.3 on below waist-high waves side-onshore having the time of my life. All those days that people were were looking into other sports, wings, foils, etc. Windsurfing was exploding for me. I just wanted to stay out longer and keep progressing.

Double inserts on the back strap eliminate strap twisting.

Comes with the same trademark Dual Density pads as the rest of the Goya Windsurfing waveboard range.

PWA World Tour Approved.

Pro Construction, Full Carbon & S-Glass Hull.

Bio Resin.

Available in 89, 98, 106 liters.

US Box 8” center, 3rd Gen. Slot Boxes 10 cm sides.

Available in Bright Red & Fluo Yellow.

High Density Full Double Sandwich.

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