Ezzy Wave 2023

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Ezzy Wave har blitt enda mer fintunet til 2023. Blant annet er seilstørrelsene optimalisert for at følelsen i 4.0 tydligere skal gjenkjennes i 5.0 etc. Ezzy Wave har tilsvarende power som tidligere, men har fått ytterligere forbedret top end kontroll, og seilet føles 100% nøytralt i bunnsvingen på en bølge. Resultat er fantastisk seil for alt fra bump&jump forhold på Møvika til down the line på Hookipa i Hawaii. 

Ezzy er kjent for å ha industriens beste byggekvalitet, og varer år etter år. 

For 2023 har vi i Surf1 senket prisene, og prisen er ferdig prutet. Vi gir dessuten 15% rabatt på Ezzy Hookipa RDM mast ved kjøp av 2023 Ezzy seil (rabatten trekkes automatisk fra i kassen).

Har vi ikke din størrelse på lager så ta kontakt for informasjon om bestilling/leveringstid.  

 What's new for the 2023 Ezzy Wave?

- David refined the luff curve to make sure that the draft/power/pull is the same across every size. 

 - The battens are slightly pulled back from the luff. This is very subtle, so you probably will not notice it when you first look at the sail. The effect is that the sail depowers and flips more easily--a subtle difference but with a big upside that you can really feel. 

 - The biggest visual change is in the outline on the smaller sails. The 4.0 and down have a reverse cutout. This means that the smaller sails have a longer boom than before--not as big as on the Cross. The biggest advantages are: 1) stability, stability, stability--the small sails feel very stable, which is really noticeable for jumping, 2) The smaller sizes do not require super short booms. 

 - All sizes have a bigger window for more visibility. You'll be surprised how much this matters! 

 The bigger sizes feel less elastic. They get going better when the wind is light AND handle the gusts better.

I've been using the prototypes around the world and am super happy in all aspects. 

How To Choose The Perfect Mast Combination For Your Quiver:

  1. Pick the top and bottom that fits the sail you use the most.
  2. Use a longer top for your bigger sail.
  3. Use a shorter bottom for your smaller sail.

Ezzy Sails are designed with the Ezzy Masts, but the sails will also work with a variety of other masts (RDM and SDM).

Ezzy mast bend curves are tip: 75% to 79% and base: 62% to 65%Note: this is not carbon content. This is percentage bend relative to the midpoint bend.

= Best Combination
= Good Combination



Calibrated rigging
Every Ezzy Wave is calibrated in the factory so that you can tune your sail accurately in seconds. If you have the recommended Ezzy mast, all you need to do is:

  1. Downhaul until the bottom of the mast lines up with the amount of tension you want, as indicated by the gauge on the sail. Max is for stronger wind, and Min is for lighter winds.
  2. That's it! Get on the water.

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