Ensis Rock'n Roll Wing Foil Brett

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ENSIS ROCK’N’ROLL er et dedikert wingfoil brett laget i karbon sandwich konstruksjon for optimal kombinasjon av styrke, stivhet og vekt, slik at brettet føles lett under føttene og med lav svingvekt, samtidig som det er bygget for harde landinger.  Verdt å merke seg er at 117-literen er relativt bred, og dermed ypperlig å starte med for personer opp til 100 kg. Til sammenligning er 97-literen er relativt kompakt (117 er med andre ord større enn hva volumet tilsier, mens 97 er mindre).

For anyone who wants to dance on the water. Based on the revolutionary concave outline combined with a compact shape, the ENSIS ROCK’N’ROLL offers exceptional stability and control when starting in choppy water, when accelerating onto the foil and when flying. The innovative shape provides high maneuverability and supports unlimited actions in the air. Landing in water the wide nose enables smooth nosedives and then you’re back up foiling again before you know it. Highest quality construction for best performance.

 Negative outline
– Compact outline, no swing weight
– V- Shape double concave bottom, easy planning
– Tail kick bottom, easy pumping, early planning
– Nose kick, save nose dive, easy jumping
– Concave deck, control, control, control
– Foostraps, 1:1 or 2:1
– Deck handle, balanced bottom handle, easy carrying
– Custom Carbon Sandwich Technology, light and solid
– Grooved diamond deck pad with tail kick
– Reinforced double US foil box

Custom Carbon Sandwich Construction
The Ensis custom carbon sandwich construction is the best technology on offer,  combining the highest build quality and best possible performance. It makes the board pop out the water with ease. Due to the custom construction the board feels very light when in the air and the swing weight is reduced to a minimum. This makes the board more accessible for everybody who chooses the best option for his/her ride. For expert riders spins and jumps will be easier than ever, taking you to the next level. Reinforcements in the stance area give the board a crisp feeling – all steering impulses are directly transmitted to the carbon reinforced foil box and give you a very direct control over the foil.

Negative Outline
The revolutionary outline supports the Rock’n’Roll in many ways. The wide nose and tail give you the important stability to get started even in choppy water. The wide tail allows you to step into the back strap before you start and stays nicely balanced in the water. Once you start accelerating, the board keeps going in a very straight line without going left or right – regardless of whether you use a wing, a paddle or just the power of a wave. In light wind conditions the negative outline enables you to foil much earlier – the pumping is so easy. Once you fly on the foil and your nose drops down or touches a chop – the wide nose goes through it very smoothly and pops you back up on the foil immediately. With this revolutionary shape the boards can be built much shorter and more compact without losing the advantages of a longer outline. The bigger surface and the concave deck give you all the control you need. Once you fly on your foil you will feel the difference. Just like dancing on the water.

ENS!S Rock’n’Roll 57 – for experts and light riders Wing Size: 2-5 – 5.2
Rider Weight: 35 – 75 kg
Wind range: 8 – 45 knts

ENS!S Rock’n’Roll 77 – for advanced riders Wing Size: 2-5 – 5.2
Rider Weight: 50- 80 kg
Wind range: 6 – 40 knts

ENS!S Rock’n’Roll 97 – one board for all Wing Size: 3.5 – 6.0
Rider Weight: 65- 90 kg
Wind range: 5 – 35 knts

ENS!S Rock’n’Roll 117 – light wind and gusty conditions Wing Size: 3.5 – 7.5
Rider Weight: 75- 115 kg
Wind range: 4 – 35 knts


Ensis is a brand that has sprung up from the cradle of the wing revolution from somewhere deep in the Swiss alps. Their team rider Balz (pronounced balls) Müller is an established freestyle windsurf pioneer, and has taken to the inflatable sail and foil like a duck to the proverbial water, placing high on the podium of the first few wingfoiling events that have taken place in the last couple of pandemic ravaged years. He’s inventing tricks on the fly and is making a great job of getting the Ensis brand noticed.

The ROCK n ROLL comes in a range of four sizes spanning 57 to 117 liters. We were given the 97 liter board which is their universal does-it-all design which sat at a comfortable seven liters over my bodyweight, maximizing its light wind potential. 5’2 is a short board to cram 97 liters into and it certainly looks and feels compact. It’s a carbon sandwich production with a brushed finish and has a general feeling of solidity in the hands and underfoot. A large carry handle in the underside is going to make negotiating a rocky beach or shorebreak a trouble-free experience. The EVA deck pad spans the board comprehensively and provides limpet like grip and a little cushioning on impact. A delightfully tailored board bag is available as a must have extra.

The generous number of foot strap inserts combined with the foil position on the tail-biased tracks provided enough tunability to get things set comfortably with a minimum of experimentation whilst fitting a couple of different cross brand foil systems. You can line up a two or three strap layout with ease. The standout hourglass outline shape is something that perhaps crosses over from the SUP market, with those four corners of bulge in the smoothly beveled rails creating four points of stability and that’s evident as soon as you get your weight over the board. Particularly noticeable in choppy water and in the roll axis, it has bags of stability even when almost static.

The twin hull concaves and associated spine are quite pronounced and create an aggressive rocker particularly running into the nose. This strikes a decent balance between relatively early planing and taking a hard, nose heavy landing well, which is a property that a board clearly influenced by Balz Müller’s style is bound to adopt. The slap of coming in hot is very much minimized compared to a flatter setup.

With the sport’s focus very much taking to the air of late, it’s inevitable we would have some freestyle-oriented designs appear, and that’s where the ROCK n ROLL is leaning. Even at 97 liters, realistically it’s a strap-focused board which is big enough for most to learn on from the ground up, and will provide the perfect platform to get your first pop and jumps. Most of all, the landings it provides will be as forgiving as possible, and the chances of getting bogged minimalized. The ROCK n ROLL is an orange lozenge of freestyle wing-propelled fun, and could be your pathway of least resistance to getting airborne in wingfoiling.


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