Cabrinha Mantis Apex 2023

Størrelse: 4.0
Salgspris19.999,00 kr


Cabrinha er synonym for high end. Mantis Apex har ikke verken tatt hensyn til økonomi avdelingen eller markedsførings avdelingen. Her har de råeste materialene på brukedet blitt brukt for å lage markedets letteste, stiveste mest earodynamice vinge på markedet. 

The Mantis has become synonymous with its outstanding range and versatility. Not only does the wing perform amazingly in waves, on ocean downwinders, but it’s also proved itself to excel on the racecourse or on the lakes and flat water venues.

The Mantis Apex series takes the performance to a whole new level through the introduction of the Ultra HP frame material. Aside from a 22% weight saving in frame material, the big benefit comes from the ability to hold higher pressures, allowing us to reduce the LE diameter while maintaining stiffness. This leads to a leaner profile and a higher performing product.

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