Sabfoil Siluro 105L Downwind Pure Foilboard | Hydrofoil Board

Salgspris19.999,00 kr



Volume: 105 L

Length: 7'2''

Width: 19,49''

Thickness: 6,12''

Accessible, fast, easy to fly, with a wing or a paddle: the Siluro boards were born for pure Downwind.

The flat deck provides stability and helps in smooth volume distribution all along the board. The hull offers the best compromise between stability, acceleration, and control when standing and paddling. Tail kick helps to avoid touchdowns when surfing or pumping, and the general outline also combines performance and control in foiling.

Flat water, a bump, a chop, or actual waves: you can now enjoy any sea condition with these stunning shapes. Pair them with the proper Sabfoil kit, from Leviathan to Razor PRO, for maximum performance!

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