Airush Union 9 - 2021

Spar 56%

Size: 9
Farge: Steel
Salgspris7.499,00 kr Ordinær pris16.999,00 kr


Performance freeride, big air & freestyle crossover. 
Smooth kiteloops, superb hangtime, hooked & unhooked.
Fixed bridle for crisp steering response.

The Union delivers. Balancing big air, kiteloops and freestyle, the Union combines superb hangtime with smooth kiteloops, both hooked and unhooked. Ideal for the rider looking for increased boosting performance and crisp steering response. Featuring a fixed bridle for better unhooking capabilities, and a stiffer frame for stability in high winds. The Union is your go-to for performance versatility.

Fixed bridle for better unhooking
Intermediate to pro all-around versatility


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