Airush AP Bar V5 2021

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Airush AP Bar V5 is the kite bar for those who want the best and safest bar for freestyle and big air. 

Funksjoner til Airush AP Bar V5 2021:

  • High performance freestyle control system.
  • Freestyle specific Pull-Pull strap
  • Strong 1.9mm front and back lines.

From effortless unhooked kiting to maneuvering and landings with a lot of power, the Airush AP Bar 5-line control system gives freestyle kiters peace of mind.  Every detail in its minimalist design, 19 mm bar diameter, short bar throw and compact freestyle trim strap, together with strong lines, extensions and freestyle-specific loops, are there to make you feel confident in every maneuver and jump.


  • Compatible with all 5-line kites, including the Airush Razor.
  • Longer freestyle leash.
  • Medium and large harness loop.


  • 41cm - 51 Adjustable.
  • 5 Line Bar.


  • Foran: 21 + 2m
  • Bak: 21 + 2m
  • 5.: 21 + 2m



      Technical details


      Introducing IQR, a completely redesigned quick-release system that allows for one-handed release and reset.  The all-new connection point sets the industry standard in security, reliability and ease of use.  The durable, injection-molded TPU harness loop and locking tube provide a comfortable attachment to the harness chin.  In addition to the single line flag out system, the IQR features an enlarged, low-friction spinning handle for easier line twisting.  The Airush control rods have safety as their number one priority.  Your time on the water is as important to us as it is to you.  We strive to make it safer for you, and to make your equipment last longer.


      AP Bar comes with both a 24cm Medium Trapeze loop and a 29cm Large Trapeze loop.  The medium trapeze loop is ideal for hooked-in maneuvers, while the large loop is perfect for unhooked, handling passes and trying more complex freestyle tricks.


      The PU coated depower line makes coating in and out effortless with a reduced diameter hose.  This PU coated line extends the life of the center line, increasing the reliability of all Airush rods.


      The Low Y system allows for a simple frontline flag system that provides a safe way to kill the power of your dragon.  In addition to improving safety, Low Y also increases the angle of the front lines, avoiding unnecessary pinching or folding of the kite.  By doing this, the wingtips become looser and move more independently, increasing the maneuverability, turn speed and responsiveness of the carrier.


      The new hard lines featured on the AP Bar include a 400KG breaking stem.  Extensions provide 22 or 20 metres, so the rider can adapt the line length to their own style.


      Endorsed by world champion, Alex Pastor, the Freestyle Trim Strap is the hassle-free system featured on the AP Bar.  This trim strap removes all unwanted flapping parts, for riders doing freestyle or wakestyle tricks.


      A new freestyle leash designed with our team addresses and solves some of the biggest issues unhooked riders experience during their sessions.  A longer length of band makes more passes and throwing the band over the head even easier.  The use of a lark's head attachment on the chicken loop or 5th line replaces the usual metal hook which prevents unwanted openings or breaks that can occur during dropped tricks.  It is also much easier for the riders when they take hold.  Finally, the end of the band has a swivel to easily disconnect the band, preventing coiling and breakage.

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