Naish ONE iSup 12'6" 2024

SIZE: 12'6"
COLOR: Yellow
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The ONE is one of the world’s best-selling inflatable SUP’s for a reason. With a reputation for performance and fun, this inflatable is well-loved amongst the most avid SUP racers as well as those just getting into the sport. Originally designed for the NISCO one designed racing series, the One has grown to be a favorite touring board for people around the globe. Stable and rigid at 30” wide and 6” thick, the ONE features a second-layer stringer and double-rail construction, which creates a strong platform without unnecessary weight. Training is built right into the framework with an integrated number guide to help riders reference proper stance positions for starts, long paddles, and buoy turns. Stay ahead of the crowd with this premium design that’s built for speed.

Wingspan (m):

Projected Area (m2):

Recommended Control System:

Feature 1: High Pressure Rated Inflate to a higher pressure for unmatched stiffness and performance.

Feature 2: Tool-Less Slide-in Fin Easily attach and remove your fin with no tools needed.

Feature 3: Fusion Dropstitch Creating a stiffer, more durable board providing performance and longevity to every session.

Feature 4: Board Bag Easily deflate and pack up your board into a small, backpack-sized bag.

Feature 5: Dual Flow Pump Quickly inflate the board with the dual flow pump, allowing for air flow on the way up and the way down.

Feature 6: Double Layer Rails Built with a wide, double PVC layer on the rail providing increased durability, longevity, and stiffness allowing you to get the most out of every session.

Feature 7: N1SCO Race against the competition in the N1SCO race with the same equipment - the ONE Inflatable.

slider 13:

Feature 14:

Length (CM): 381

Width (CM): 76.2

Weight (KG): 10.8


slider 12:

Feature 13:

Key Performance Characteristics:

Length (US): 12'6"

Width (US): 30"



Fins: 10.0 Slide-in Fin (Tool-less Fin)

Width (CM):

Thickness (US): 6"

Thickness (CM): 15.2

Volume (L): 301



Track system lenght:

Ideal for riders up to: 230 lbs/104 kg

Board Mount:

Mast Length (in):

Mast Length (cm):

Fuselage Length (in):

Fuselage Length (cm):

Front Wing/ stab:

Front Wingspan (in):

Front Wingspan (cm):

Projected Surface Area (in2):

Projected Surface Area (cm2):



Strut Length (m):

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